The Ninja Cloak | Free Web Proxy

The Ninja Cloak allows you to browse your favorite websites fast and anonymous. Access sites like Facebook and youtube! Bypass your work or school's firewall that may be blocking you. While you surf here you are anonymous, your IP address will not be tracked. Privacy is important and using The Ninja Cloak will allow you to keep your identity hidden.

Here at Ninjacloak, we are against the use of software that prevents full access to the internet, and for that reason we freely offer our service to everyone. Using our service, you can access websites that are blocked by your network. Our servers are fast and able to handle most websites.

Our proxy also hides your IP, by routing your connection through our servers. To start using our service, simply type the domain of the website you wish to visit into the NinjaCloak url bar, near the bottom of the page.

NinjaCloak url bar. Type the domain below.

If you have any questions regarding Ninjacloak, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected] We do our best to respond to questions and concerns as soon as possible.

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